Adventure in Ottawa

Are you looking for some adventure in Ottawa? Do you want to have some fun?

There are activities for all ages. You can visit an arcade, go bungee jumping, go skydiving or get some friends together to try some paintball or bowling (there is even glow in the dark bowling).

You can even find some great places in Ottawa to hold a child's birthday party!

There are plenty of places for visitors to Ottawa & residents of Ottawa to enjoy. You can spend a couple of hours, a full day or an entire weekend at some of these locations.

Opening times vary and may change each season so please call in advance.

Lot 24, Lebrun Street East, Casselman

A Putt Above
3825 Richmond Road

Combat 307 Paintball
790 Canary St (Navan)

Cosmic Adventures
1373 Ogilvie Road

Coyote Rock Gym
1737B St. Laurent Boulevard

Extreme Weekend
They organize weekend adventure trips and getaways. Great way to meet new people and have a blast as well!

Fun Junction
1399 Triole Avenue
Great place for laser tag, rock climbing, birthday parties, video arcades etc.

FunLight Mobile Laser Tag

Great Canadian Bungee
Route 105, Wakefield, Quebec
819-459-3714 or 1-877-828-8170
Created in 1992, the Great Canadian Bungee is also known as "The Rock".

Haunted Walk
Daytime and nighttime walking tours introducing you to the "darker" history of Ottawa.

Laser Quest
1800 St. Laurent

Little Ray's Reptile Zoo
5305 Bank Street
Canada's largest reptile zoo has something for everyone!

Midway Family Fun Park
2477 Kaladar Ave
Rides, mini golf, bowling, arcades and lots more!

Mile High Parachuting
West of Ottawa (near Arnprior)
Great place if you want to go skydiving or buy a gift certificate for someone else to go skydiving in Ottawa.

Mud Oven, The
1065 Bank Street
Eastern Ontario’s Premier pottery studio. Come and create your own personalized pottery for your own use or for a gift to someone.

Ottawa Paintball
2339 Ogilvie Road
They have a 6000 square food paintball arena and they are going to soon open a 200 acre outdoor field.

PSI Indoor Paintball
1000 Belfast Road

Putting Edge
5 Roydon Place, Unit 1
Glow in the dark mini-golf!

Saunders Farm
7893 Bleek Road in Munster
Award winning mazes, wagon rides, tree forts and beautiful gardens – something for the entire family.

89 Montreal Road
Test your skills at Tag Ball. Great fun for all ages!

Top Karting
200 Rue Edmonton, Hull
Feel the rush! Have a good time on the 750-metre track. You can choose between individual or group challenges.

Urban Quest (
Imagine going out for dinner, but not knowing where you'll end up eating. To figure it out, you have to solve a series of clues which lead you around the city, challenging you to be resourceful. That's - part treasure hunt, part reality TV type experience. Check out their events all in Ottawa. Quests start online, but many clues are solved by getting out in the real world to find the answers. You will have to get off the couch to succeed!

There are also plenty of locations to go whitewater rafting or canoeing or kayaking in the Ottawa area. Most offer activities for groups of all ages.

Wilderness Tours
They offer whitewater rafting, kayaking, mountain biking, cabins, hot tubs, pools, beach, 60km of biking trails and much more. You can spend a full day or an entire weekend and never get bored. We have been here a couple of times and we highly recommend it!

Owl Rafting

New World Rafting
Rouge River

River Run
Beachburg, Ontario
Rafting, kayaking & canoeing

Equinox Adventures
Kayaking, canoeing & camping

Ottawa Adventures
Rafting & camping

Rafting, kayaking & camping

Esprit Rafting Adventures
Rafting, canoeing, river boarding & kayaking

Whatever type of adventure in Ottawa you choose, have a good laugh, a good time & a great deal of fun!!!

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