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We are very excited about our new Ottawa Baby section. As parents, we know very well the feelings that go along with having a baby. Whether or not it is your first or your fifth, the feelings of excitement, joy, nervousness are all very normal.

During our first pregnancy we relied a lot on internet searches for information and it wasn't always easy to find information about having a baby here in Ottawa. This is why we decided it was about time we tried to round up as many resources as we could for you.

This section is going to be a huge work in progress but we intend to eventually add information on the following:

  • midwives in Ottawa - where to find them, questions to ask when you have your appointment
  • doulas in Ottawa - where to find them, what do they do?
  • Ottawa hospitals;
  • specialty ultrasound clinics;
  • baby registries - a list of various places to make your registry in Ottawa;
  • maternity photos;
  • recommended books on having a baby or stages of pregnancy;
  • baby stores and/or specialty shops;
  • gift ideas for baby;
  • multiples;
  • and so much more.

So, what do we know? Well, there are two of us writing this section together and we are both Moms. One of us has a school aged boy and girl and one of us has twin girls (both school aged as well). We are still learning as we go but we definitely feel like we have some firsthand experience.

Besides just writing about our own personal experience, we have decided to enlist the help of some of our friends who are parents as well. Some have had babies more recently (actually, a few are still pregnant) and some have had babies awhile ago. Either way, we are going to do our best to get you the information you need.

Let's first start by saying that your Doctor (or Midwife) will be your best resource. They will know your current situation and your medical history so please speak to them first. Our Ottawa Baby Guide is not intended to offer any medical advice nor is it to replace your medical professional. This guide is just here to offer a list of resources with contact information.

Please feel free to contact us at anytime if you have other resources to add. Our Ottawa Baby Guide is fairly new and we will be updating it regularly so check back often.

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