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We have had many of our readers email us asking us where to find Ottawa obituaries. Obituaries generally appear in newspapers and they report a person's death. They usually contain information about the surviving family and other details about the person's life and death. They may also include funeral information.

Not all deaths will be reported in an obituary though. Hopefully close friends or family will inform you whether or not someone you know has passed away. With the technology today, it is much easier to keep people informed of important up to date information via email or other social networking sites.

So, to the original question, where to find obituaries in Ottawa?

The best place that we have found is through the Ottawa Citizen Obituaries section. You can find a large section in their newspaper and you can also find information online at the following link: Ottawa Citizen Obituaries

They also have an online guest book that you can fill out which is a really nice gesture so that the surviving family can read it. This is especially important if you are not able to make it any of the services and are not able to give your condolences in person. The Ottawa Citizen obituaries and guest books will remain online for one full year. This means that you can even do a search for someone who may have passed away weeks or even months ago.

There are other sources for finding obituaries in Ottawa:

  • your local community newspaper (either paper copy or online) and
  • through your church or place of worship

We hope that with our help you are able to find any Ottawa obituaries that you are looking for. Our deepest condolences if you have lost a loved one, friend or colleague.

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