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Hi, I’m Jeff, your guide to all things Ottawa!

But first a little ‘website history’…

This website was created in 2004 by Ottawa-native Louise and her husband Richard.

Louise built this site, because she found herself always telling friends and family who lived elsewhere about how great Ottawa is. She’s hosted a lot of visitors over the years and enjoyed taking them around to the various sites and attractions, so she decided to start writing about it!

Over the years, Louise and Richard have contributed hundreds of interesting and informative articles introducing visitors and residents alike to the beautiful city of Ottawa.

In early 2017, Louise found herself too busy with other projects to give the site the attention it needed, so she decided to hand the reigns over.

Growing up in Halifax, a city that’s very similar (though much smaller) to Ottawa, I had lots of opportunities to visit. Be it on class trips, or driving through on family vacations to see our Ontario relatives. The frequency of my visits, however, grew exponentially in 2003 when my brother moved here for work and eventually started a family. Between family ties and the sheer awesomeness of Canada’s capital, Ottawa has easily risen to the top of my list of favorite cities.

With my extensive and unique experiences, both as a tourist and living with locals, I plan to help this site reach its full potential to encourage more people to visit and explore this wonderful city!

Have a suggestion that might help us reach our goal, or just a general question, or comment about Ottawa? Feel free to contact me anytime.

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