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How We Built This Site

If you are interested in hearing how we built this site then here is the remainder of our About Us story.

Turning Our Site into a Business

The friend that told us that we should build a site on Ottawa even said we could turn our site into a business and even make some money.

That really got us thinking because we both always thought it would be fun to be an entrepreneur and to have our own business – to be our own bosses (wow, what a dream that would be). We also thought how nice the future would be if only one of us had to work or if we could both cut our hours back considerably at the jobs we presently hold (more time for fun stuff)!

Needless to say, we started seriously considering our friend’s suggestion.

So, how did you build this website?

Keep in mind that neither of us knew ANYTHING at all about building a website. The only thing we knew about computers was some Microsoft programs (i.e. Word & Excel) and how to “surf the net”. We didn’t even know if building our own site would be possible.

Well, we may not have had the knowledge but we sure were determined to find a way. We investigated the different options that we had like going back to school to take courses or training ourselves etc. We didn’t have the time or the money so we were looking for an alternative.

Avoiding the “get rich quick” schemes:

We both tend to be quite skeptical and very cautious so we didn’t want to be scammed. It seemed like there were a lot of “get rich quick” schemes out there and we didn’t want to sign up with any of them. Why would we want to throw away our hard earned money?

That is when we came across a program called Site Sell. It offered everything we needed to get started and we didn’t even have to have any technical knowledge (perfect for us)!

When reading more about Site Sell & Site Build It (SBI) we took particular interest in the information for small businesses & newbies like us. It really hit home because we were going to write about something that we were so passionate about.

It is hard to explain how we believed that SBI wasn’t a scam. We just felt that their product had a huge amount of tools that we could have never figured out on our own. We also liked that they showed us the proof.

We are the type of people who like to look for references whenever we buy something or pay for a service. For example, when we were having a fence built at our house, we wanted references so we could find out more about the contractor we were hiring. We liked that SBI offered their own references (so to speak). Actually they are SBI Case Studies. A lot of these people sounded just like us. They wanted to have fun while they created their business!

How is your site doing?

We still can’t believe how many visitors we are getting. It is so much fun checking out our statistics every day and watch the totals increase! We also get regular feedback from our visitors commenting on how much they enjoy our site.

The search engines (Google, MSN etc) even started finding our site within 6 weeks of it going live! You should have seen us when we saw that we were being found. We (well, especially Louise) were jumping around saying “SBI works, it really, really works”!

And…we are making money too!

Then when we received our first cheque in the mail we knew that this was for real and it was not a scam. We now get cheques on a monthly basis!

We are still building new pages regularly and updating our already existing pages. In order to add a more personal touch to our site, we also recently hired a web designer to create our new logo (see it up there at the top of the page)?! We took the pictures ourselves so it was really cool to see our own photos in our logo. We think they did an amazing job for us and it was done in less than a day!

What is your favourite part about building your site?

We are having FUN! Seriously, we are having so much fun with this. Why wouldn’t we have fun talking about one of our favourite cities in the world?

We want everyone to know that they can join in on the fun too and build their own site on the topic of their choice. Can you imagine having this much fun AND making money. You could talk about your hobbies (i.e. gardening, art, photography, landscaping etc.) or you could talk about something you are passionate about (i.e. animals, a TV show, bands, authors etc.) or you could even talk about your professional career. The opportunities are endless!

Do you realize that we are all experts on something? What are you an expert on? After hearing about our experience with it some of our friends & family have signed up for SBI too. We are even in the process right now of getting Louise’s recently retired mother to build a site too (she is an expert on lots of things)!

So, now you know all about us and why we wanted to build this website for you.

We hope you are finding some useful information about either Ottawa or how you, too, can build your very own internet business. Either as a full time business, part time business or if you are a SAHM or WAHM (Stay at Home Mom or Work at Home Mom).

Enjoy our site and for those of you who want to try SBI for yourself, have fun and enjoy the journey!

If you have more questions about Site Sell & Site Build It (SBI) then you can contact them by email or phone.

If you want to know more about our personal experience with SBI then feel free to contact us. We love talking about our site building experience.

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